Name: Kiet Gia Nguyen
Diagnosis: Autism
D.O.B: 24 August 2009
Gender: Male
Country: United States of America

Treatment: Stem Cell Treatment, traditional Chinese medicine and physical therapy


Kiet was admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital due to “Disorder of speech and emotional interaction with people, and difficulty with concentration, lasting for the previous 4 years”.

Medical condition before Biotherapy for Autism

Prior to receiving Biotherapy for Autism, the patient was quite hyperactive and seemed have a difficult time staying still. He had little communication with people, and usually relied on simple words with minimal eye contact. He showed both poor memory and ability for cooperation. Gross motor tone was flexible in all four limbs but fine motor skill was poor.

Biotherapy for Autism for 21 days

After admission, several medical protocols were applied, including: treatments to improve neural function, and to promote cerebral blood circulation and metabolism. These were combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and rehabilitation therapy.

Medical Condition after Biotherapy for Autism

After a 21-days course of Biotherapy for Autism, the patient’s general condition and memory were much improved. These gains are expected to continue for several months.
The patient is starting to pay more attention to surroundings, emotional response and eye contact are all increased post-treatment.

The picture was taken on the last day of the Biotherapy, when Dr.Gao (who is from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Department) was about to leave. Little Kiet held the Dr.’s hands tightly and looked at him as if to say, “Don’t  go, stay with me, I will miss you…”
Kiet’s parents were touched by this moment since they have never seen little Kiet shows such wistful eyes, and such emotion, to anyone outside of their family .
Kiet’s mom said, “Before, when I tried to ask him to talk to me, Kiet wouldn’t even reply. But now, in such a short time, the amazing thing is that when I call him, he respond squickly and clearly with words like with:“Mom,” and other appropriate words.

His concentration is improved during playing and clapping; Hyperactivity is still existed, but his attention is easier to transfer when he is in mindless activities; Repeating, imitation and other learning abilities are improved also.

Kiet's physical therapists said: The first day when Kiet came to our rehabilitation centre he paid no attention to any  intelligence toy except run around the room  but now he can sit down patiently and concentrate on the toy showed in the picture. Before he couldn’t understand how to take those triangle or square-shape toy out of the stick and even didn’t has the awareness to take those out but now he can easily handle it and very fast. 

Playing games with physical therapists
Kiet’s parents are really satisfying with the Biotherapy 
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