Stem cell for brain devleopament delay

Stem cell for brain devleopament delay


Name: Patient Steven
Diagnosis: Brain Developmental Delay
D.O.B: 02 May 2010
Gender: Male
Country: United States of America

Treatment: Stem cell transplantation combined with traditional Chinese medicine and rehabilitation training.

Medical History:   

The patient was admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital due to “developmental delay of motion, speech and intelligence for 5 years after birth”. The patient was suspected to have hypoxia history during delivery.

Medical Condition at Admission:

George’s Cognition development was delayed, with drooled a lot. He was timid when he saw strange doctors first time, and he had no obvious eye contact and poor concentration. He couldn’t completely understand what his families said. He was difficult to touch with strangers, and unable to walk long, with muscular atrophy of lower limbs. He could grasp by his upper limbs, with poor fine motor.   

Hospital Treatment for brain development disorder:

After admission for brain development disorder, several medical protocols were applied, including: improvement of cerebral blood circulation and nutrition, combined with traditional Chinese medicine and rehabilitation training.

Physical condition pre-discharge:

The patient was discharged in good physical condition, with more obvious responses to the outside world and more emotional expressions. He seems to make more sounds like “ma ma” occasionally and have eye contact with his mother. Drooling seems to be improved. He can walk longer than the time he came. His fine motor skill has been significantly improved as well and he can try to use pen to draw. His parents are very satisfied with the treatment effect and hope to come back for further treatment after 6 months to have further improvement. 


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Case Studies

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