Faisal’s insulin dosage is gradually reduced after SCT

Faisal’s insulin dosage is gradually reduced after SCT


Name: Faisal Salem
Diagnosis: Type-2 Diabetes (Diabetic Nephropathy, Multiple Cerebral Infarction, Right Internal Carotid Artery Occlusion)
D.O.B: 01 January 1971
Gender: Male
Country: Saudi Arabia

Treatment: Stem Cell Treatment; medications to enhance peripheral circulation; neuronal nutritional supplementation; TCM treatment.

Medical History

Faisal was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes Mellitus due to polydipsia, dieresis and weight loss since 2002. He was given oral medications. But as he didn’t insist diabetic diet and sports therapy, his blood glucose control was extremely poor, and he started to use insulin. He took Aspart 15 Units 3 times a day, Glargine 30 Units ih qd, but the blood glucose control was still poor. So he was admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital for better treatment. 

Medical condition before Stem Cell Treatment 

He felt weakness, and frequent and severe low blood glucose happened (4 times), and he could not stand the heat, with hidrosis. Diet control was poor. Urinate normally, diarrhea and constipation happened alternately. After relevant examinations his diabetes has reached to middle and late stage.
Blood test: blood glucose 16.55 (mmol/L)↑, ALB 33.64(g/L)↓ HBAlc (purple): 10.30(%)↑.

Stem Cell Treatment for Type-2 diabetes

After admission, the patient was given the following treatment: adjust hypoglycemic therapy, stem cell implantation via IV injections, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Medical condition after Stem Cell Treatment 

After Stem Cell Treatment for his Type-2 Diabetes, Patient Faisal’s insulin dosage was gradually reduced. His urine protein has been improved. Before the SCT treatment, the urine protein was 2+; and it was reduced to 1+ after stem cell transplantations. His HbA1C also decreased from 10.3% to 8%, and the blood glucose has been improved and much more stable than before. He has become easier to keep healthy diets, and taking moderate physical exercises. We are looking forward to see his further improvement.  

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