Salem Salf Al Nueimi

Salem Salf Al Nueimi


Name: Salem Salf Al Nueimi
D.O.B: 01 January 1942
Gender: Male
Country: United Arab Emirates

Treatment: Both intravenous and interventional injections of Mesenchymal cells and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)


Patient Salem Salf Al Nueimi, a 70 year old male patient from UAE, had diabetes for 25 years prior to admission. This was complicated by significant diabetic eye problems (history of proliferative diabetic retinopathy, neovascular glaucoma, cornea epithelial defect and ulcers). He was admitted to Puhua International Hospital for Stem Cell Treamtent of Type-2 Diabetes.

Medical condition before Stem Cell Treatment for Type-2 Diabetes

Before Stem Cell Treatment, Patient Salem Salf Al Nueimi’s blood glucose was unstable and hard to control. He used 6 units of regular insulin after meal and 8 units of Protamine Zinc Insulin after breakfast.

Due to the poor control of his blood glucose, Mr. Al Nueimi suffered from diabetic eye problems. His vision was very poor. He was blind bilaterally, with eye pain. He had chronic fatigue, and most of the time, he would lie on his bed and sleep.

Stem Cell Treatment for Type-2 Diabetes

Intravenous and interventional injections of Mesenchymal cells (MSCs), and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

Medical condition after Stem Cell Treatment for Type-2 Diabetes

After Stem Cell Treatment, Patient Salem Salf Al Nueimi’s blood glucose gradually became stable, and the insulin dosage was also reduced. Before the Stem Cell Treatment, he used 26 units of insulin per day. When he was discharged from PIH, the insulin dosage was being reduced, and was down to 21units/day.

Follow Up

After Patient Salem Salf Al Nueimi’s return to his home country, the Stem Cell Therapy still had a positive effect on his health: he was able to discontinue insulin, and relies only on oral medication.  He feels more energetic than before, indicates improvement in his eyesight and comfort, and his spirits are improved.

In a letter he wrote to the PIH team:

“I went to the local hospital following your suggestion, and the doctors there said that it was really amazing for I could benefit from the cell therapy so much.

I appreciate the help you doctors and nurses give me. My power and spirit are much better than before, and my families are satisfied with my health condition. Thanks again for your helpful treatment! I hope I could come back to your hospital and continue the therapy.I believe that you Chinese doctors could cure my disease.”

On November 9,2010,  PIH received  an email from his caregiver (Jennifer). In the email, she said that:

I'm happy to inform you that (the patient) is well in general recently. No major complaints except the feelings of tiredness from time to time. His eyes have but no pain. He also tolerates walking now slowly and has good appetite as well. Urination and bowel movements are normal daily.

After seen by his internist, oral hypoglycemics were reduced again starting November 01, 2010. From Januvia 100mg OD to Januvia 50mg OD; Diamicron 30mg OD was stopped and will be eliminated completely if the blood sugar remains stable without it."

We at PIH were so glad to hear this update, and hope that Salem will continue to improve as a consequence of his Stem Cell Therapy.

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