Name: Haji Abdul Ghani
Diagnosis: Coronary Heart Disease; Remote Infarct; Chronic Heart Failure; Type II Diabetes Mellitus; Chronic Kidney Failure
D.O.B: 01 January 1947
Gender: Male
Country: Pakistan

Treatment: Stem cell treatment (SCT), other supporting treatment


Mr. Abdul had experienced 3 times myocardial infarction attacks over the past 10 years, each time he received PCI treatment at Emergency Department of local hospital. Postoperative recovery was acceptable. Later on, dyspnea occurred after getting tired, which developed gradually and his condition got worse. Around one month prior to his admission, he could not fall asleep in supine position, edema was noted in lower limbs, urine volume was decreased. Heart ultrasound at local hospital showed: enlarged heart, decreased ventricular wall motion. EF: around 20%.
He visited Beijing Puhua International Hospital due to “breathing difficulty and pain in urethra caused by catheter”. He was admitted due to “Coronary Heart Disease; Heart Function IV; Type II Diabetes Mellitus; Chronic Renal Failure; inflammation of the bladder and lung infection.”. 

Medical Condition Prior to Stem Cell Treatment (SCT) for Heart Disease

Mr. Abdul was in critical condition, with acute exacerbation, frequent ventricular premature beats and acute exacerbation of kidney failure. Urine catheter caused severe pain. He couldn't fall asleep during night, due to pain and breathing difficulty. His appetite was poor. He appreared with weakness of the whole body.

Hospital Treatment for Heart Disease

Mr. Abdul was in critical condition at admission. The first night after his admission, he was sent to ICU due to severe irregular pulse. When his condition was stabilized, he was transferred to patient room. Later on, several medical protocols were applied, including stem cell treatment for Heart Disease and treatments to improve his heart function, kidney function, control infection and blood sugar level.

Medical Condition after Stem Cell Treatment (SCT) for Heart Disease 

Now the patient’s condition was gradually stabilized. Breathing difficulty was significantly improved, currently he can lie down and fall asleep during night. Pain caused by urine catheter has gone. The catheter was removed 3 days before his discharge, and his urine volume was back to normal. Currently, he can sleep and eat very well.
Test results: 
Heart ultrasound (Pre-admission): LV end systole 56mm; EF: 20%. 
Heart ultrasound (after treatment): LV end systole 48mm; EF: 39%-43%.
Blood chemistry (Pre-admission): Cr 405.70 (umol/L), BUN 31.27 (mmol/L);
Blood chemistry (after treatment): Cr 171.00 (umol/L), BUN 29.22 (mmol/L).

Mr. Abdul and his family are very satisfied with the treatment results, we are looking forward to hearing more improvement from him.

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