Name: Mr.Wen
Diagnosis: Alcoholic cirrhosis
D.O.B: 01 January 1955
Gender: Male
Country: China

Treatment: Stem cell treatment for Alcoholic cirrhosis


The patient was admitted to Puhua International Hospital due to “liver cirrhosis and ascites for 4 months.”The patient’s liver cirrhosis was caused by excessive alcohol consumption. In June 2011, the patient started suffering dizziness, vomiting, and having black stool.

Medical Condition before Stem Cell Treatment (SCT)for Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis

At admission, the patient’s mental status was poor. He complained of whole body weakness. His skin and sclera was yellow. His appetite was ‘OK’ and his urine quantity was acceptable. He was noted to have both an enlarged liver and spleen. Blood ammonia lever was 106umol/L, HGB is 6g/dl


Stem cell transplantation treatment for alcoholic liver cirrhosis, combined with conventional treatment, including liver protection and treatment to reduce portal pressure.

Medical condition after Stem Cell Treatment (SCT) for Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis

The patient’s condition improved rapidly after treatment. During his hospitalization, his blood ammonia dropped to 23umol/L.  Color ultrasound showed amarked and evident decrease of ascites. His mental status also improved. His overall condition was recovering gradually by the time of his discharge.

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