Ehab Albalawi

Ehab Albalawi


Name: Ehab Albalawi
Diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis
D.O.B: 01 January 1974
Gender: Male

Treatment: Biological Treatment, rehabilitation training, TCM

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--- Patient Ehab Albalawi


Ehab Albalawi, a 40-year-old male, was admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital due to progressive weakness and numbness of three year’s duration involving his left arm and leg. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Medical Condition before Biological Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

In 2010, Ehab started to loose strength and suffer from numbness on the left side of his body. Until 2013, he felt that the left half of his body was partially paralyzed. According to his admission exam, his deep tendon reflexes were normal on his right side but hyper-tonic on the left. MRI results were consistent with his clinical and lab diagnosis of MS.

BiologicalTreatment & TCM for Multiple Sclerosis

After admission, several medical protocols were applied, including: improvement of cerebral blood circulation and nutrition, biological treatment (lumbar puncture + IV), combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine and rehabilitation training.

Originally, the treatment plan for Multiple Sclerosis was for 3 weeks, but since the treatment worked so well his treatment plan was extended to 2 months with additional rounds of biological therapy. After finishing 5 rounds of biological treatment, he stayed in the hospital for Traditional Chinese Medicine and rehabilitation physiotherapy, to help each consolidate the gains made by hisbiological treatment.


Medical Condition after Biological Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

After 2 months treatment, Ehab began to be able to move his left arm and leg much better, and began to be able to walk faster and with greater stability. In a word, he began to feel much more normal. His muscle strength improved, with greater strength and flexibility. Further, spontaneous pains in his left arm began to resolve. Some mild residual numbness remained in left hand, but is diminishing with the passage of time.

Before the treatment for Multiple Sclerosis, Ehab was unable to lift his left leg to a cross-legged sitting position, but he has been very much able to do so after treatment. The most amazing thing has been to watch him doing the “single leg squat” with his left leg only. This test requires a lot of muscle strength and balance, and is considered difficult by any standard.

It has been gratifying for patient and staff to witness the improvements in strength, tone and sensation for patient Ehab, especially regarding his previously afflicted left side.








                              (Heavy lifting with left leg.)                                                             (Heavy lifting with both legs.)

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