Khaled Ahmed Al Afifi

Khaled Ahmed Al Afifi


Name: Khaled Ahmed Al Afifi
Diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis
D.O.B: 01 January 1980
Gender: Male
Country: United Arab Emirates

Treatment: Stem Cell therapy, improve nutrient supply of the brain, combined with rehabilitation therapy and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine).


In 2005, Khaled began suffering from numbness and discomfort in the fingertips of the right hand. 3 months later, he experienced  numbness and prickling over his entire body. These symptoms resolved spontaneously, but were recurrent at approximately 6-month intervals.

In 2006, with the progression of his MS, his gait became unsteady, he experienced transient diminishment of vision, and difficulty in urination.He was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at that time in UAE.

The patient sought treatment in the UAE, and in the USA. However, his clinical status became progressively worse.

On Sept. 15th 2011, Khaled was admitted to Puhua International Hospital for stem cell treatment.

Medical Condition before Stem Cell Treatment for MS

Upon arrival, Khaled presented with limb tremors and clumsy movements. His speech was garbled, slurred and explosive. Intentional tremors were noted on his neck and head.

He was emotionally labile, his body was marked with intermittent violent shaking, and he could neither stand nor walk.

Treatment Over 34 days for MS

Stem Cell therapy for MS, improve nutrient supply of the brain, combined with rehabilitation therapy and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine)

Medical Condition after Stem Cell Treatment for MS

After the treatment for MS, Khaled said he felt much better than before.

With his arms stretched forward, he can stand up from the sitting position. During his rehabilitation exercise, he can now walk for more than ten meters and he can turn his legs flexibly. His fingers are more flexible than before.

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