Name: Lindsay Booth
Diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis
D.O.B: 03 January 1950
Gender: Male
Country: Australia

Treatment: Stem Cell Treatment, traditional Chinese medicine and physical therapy


Mr. Booth was admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital due to progressive vision problem, motor disability and speech abnormalities for 14 years. His wife also received Knee-regeneration stem cell treatment at Beijing Puhua International Hospital.

Medical condition before Stem Cell Treatment (SCT) for Multiple Sclerosis  

Prior to receiving Stem Cell Treatment (SCT) for Multiple Sclerosis, the patient’s speech was slurred with a subjective feeling of tongue-numbness. Slight pitting edema was noted in the distal lower limbs with sheet and point–like pigmentation. Muscular tension was acceptable in the upper limbs, and was high in the lower limbs, especially on the right side. Tendon reflexes were slightly active in four limbs. Vibration sense was significantly decreased, especially on the right side.
Muscle Strength:
Fingers: right extension1- 2/5, flexion 3/5 
Lower Limbs: left 4+/5, right dorsiflexion/flexion 2-/5, adduction/abduction 2/5

Stem Cell Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis for 27 days

After admission, several medical protocols were applied, including: treatment of improving neural function, medications promoting cerebral blood circulation and metabolism, combined with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), rehabilitation therapy, as well as symptomatic and supportive treatment.

Medical condition after Stem Cell Treatment (SCT) for Multiple Sclerosis  

After 27 days Stem Cell Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis, the patient’s general condition was improved.He began to be able to speak more clearly and fluently without a feeling of tongue-numbness. Pigmentation of the distal lower limbs began to fade. The skin temperature was also improved. The muscle strength and muscular tension of four limbs showed various levels of improvement. The movement of his limbs became more flexible. Resistance ability of the right body became stronger. He began to be able to stretch his right hand much easier. Muscle strength:adduction/abduction was 2+/5 in the right lower limb, extension: 3-3+/5 in the right fingers.

 Mr. and Mrs. Booth are well-pleased with Mr. Booth's significant and early improvement from Stem Cell Therapy for M.S. @ Beijing Puhua International Hospital.
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