Lumbar Disc Herniation Treatment

Lumbar Disc Herniation Treatment


Lumbar disc herniation(LDH)is one of the most common causes of pain in waist and lower extremities. The main cause is that varying degrees of degenerative changes happen in each part of lumbar disc, leading to adjacent spinal nerve root irritation or oppression, resulting in a series of clinical symptoms such as backache, lateral lower limb or bilateral limbs numb, sore, etc. The highest frequency of LDH is lumber 4~5, lumbar 5- sacral 1, accounting for about 95%.

Current Treatment

Most of the patients with lumbar disc herniation can be relieved or cured by non operative treatment. Non operative treatment is mainly applied to the following situations: ①young, first onset or with short course of the disease. ②light symptom or the symptom can be released after a rest. ③radiology examination shows no stenosis of the spinal canal.

For patients with severe symptoms, surgical treatment is their first choice. However, in clinical practice, simple surgery often cannot achieve the desired results. An in-depth study on the problem has been made by the orthopedics team in Puhua Hospital, to develop a more effective comprehensive treatment method:

Lumbar Disc Herniation Operation+ Stem Cell Injection +Traditional Chinese Treatment

Lumbar Disc Herniation Operation: The principle of operative treatment is to restore the degeneration and protrusion tissue of the intervertebral disc, change the relative position or make partial retraction of intervertebral disc tissue and oppressed nerve root, relieve pressure on the nerve root, loosen the conglutination of nerve root, eliminate inflammation of nerve root, so as to alleviate the symptoms.

Stem Cell Injection: Stem cell is a kind of pluripotent cells with self replication ability. Under certain conditions, it can be differentiated into a variety of functional cells. However, severe intervertebral disc herniation patients are often accompanied by nerve compression and damage. Injecting a certain amount of stem cells when Lumbar Disc Herniation Operation is done can promote nerve regeneration, accelerate the repair of damaged, and relieve pain more quickly.

Traditional Chinese Treatment and Rehabilitation: Traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and other treatment methods have been used to treat Lumbar Disc Herniation for a long time. Using traditional Chinese medicine to nurse back to health, accompanied with acupuncture treatment, can relieve pain, shorten the course and enhance the clinical effect of the treatment of lumbar disc herniation, and lead the patients to a better recovery. And as for massage treatment, according to the specific circumstances of the patients, it is necessary to vary and decide whether the treatment is suitable.

Through the above comprehensive treatment, patients can get out of bed in 5 days after surgery. Generally speaking postoperative pain can be significantly relieved, at least can be reduced more than 90%.

Our Team

Dr. Yanni Li

Director Yanni Li, graduated from the Medical Department, School of Medicine in Peking University. She is a former attending physician in Department of Orthopedics, hand surgery in Beijing Ji Shui Tan Hospital. She worked in the famous Mayo Clinic, Lu Ewell and Montreal Chennai Medical Center as a clinical doctor and has finished a lot of difficult surgeries with distinction. She has accumulated over 40 years clinical experience.

Dr. Zhang Mo

He is a former physician in Chinese People's Liberation Army No.306 Hospital spinal surgery center. He has been engaged in clinical work in Department of Orthopedics, and learned from several spine surgery professors, with average annual operations of more than 400 units. He can finish limb trauma surgery independently and is familiar with neck, lumbar degenerative disease, scoliosis, hip, knee joints replacement and other large operations. He is skilled at routine surgical procedures of orthopedics, spine surgery, joint surgery and conventional surgery for trauma surgery. He has skills of using various basic internal fixation devices. He has participated in domestic and international orthopedic academic conferences many times.

Areas of specialization: Cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, femoral head necrosis, knee osteoarthritis, patella softening, and meniscus injury. He has unique insights and treatment methods in the treatment of the majority of Orthopedic Diseases and has rich treatment experience especially in treating Lumbar Disc Herniation.

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