“Stereotactic Minimally Invasive Brain Repair + Stem Cell Treatment” for Seizure Disorder

Patient, with Dr. Lu, assistant and patient’s mother.

On 04 APR 2016, an 18-year-old Kazakhstani patient, suffering with an intractable seizure disorder, underwent successful EEG-Guided, stereotactic minimally invasive brain surgery, and stem cell implantation at Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH). Following this extremely precise ablative procedure, the patient has been seizure free and off of her previous anti-seizure medications. The patient’s mother described her daughter as having been offered a second chance to be “born.”

It is well known what is commonly called “epilepsy” is the 4th most-common neurological condition (following migraine, “stroke,” and Alzheimer’s disease). In consideration of tradition medication has certain limited treatment effect and huge side effects, BPIH developed minimally invasive surgery of stereotaxis + stem cell implantation strive to completely cure epilepsy, bring new hopes for epilepsy patients.

Case Study
•    18-year-old female who suffered from daily paroxysmal limbs convulsion for 6 years, experienced improvement after drug therapy, significant side effects limited her intolerably. Her seizures returned after going off of her medications.
•    No anatomic abnormality was found in a brain MRI.
•    However, EEG revealed abnormalities diagnostic for a seizure disorder.

No obvious focalized lesion was noted in MRI
EEG showed sharp and slow waves of a seizure disorder.

Surgical Planning

Precise stereotactic localization data, uploaded to computer for robotic-guided ablation.
Dr. Lu preparing the robotic arm and patient.
Dr. Lu taking EEG readings from deep within the patient’s brain, followed by precision-guided radio-frequency ablation of the precise focus of the seizure disorder. The tiny residual skin incisions can be seen below, and will soon be hidden beneath the patient’s hairline.

EEG comparison: before and after radiofrequency

Before Radio-frequency Ablation (Above)
After Radio-frequency Ablation (Above)


Postoperative Condition
•    Post-operative CT-imaging showed no intracerebral hemorrhage or complications;
•    No seizures have occurred following the treatment, and the patient remains symptom-free off of medications.

Doctor Lu and treatment team communicating with the patient’s mother about her daughter’s surgery.
Stereotactic brain surgery by robotically-guided radio-frequency ablation is obviously more safe and effective than historically conventional, open brain surgery. 
Advantages of Stereotactic, Radiofrequency Ablation Brain Surgery for Selected Seizure Disorder Patients using the Remebottm Robotic Surgery System:

1. Vastly Less Damage, with very little effect to surrounding tissues.
2. Extremely Precise Location and Treatment: accurate to 1-2 mm, with precise 3-D localization.
3. Vastly More Efficient: less time and surgical trauma to patient


OR Equipment in Support of this EEG-Guided, Ultra-precise Stereotactic Brain Surgery

Remebottm is currently the world's most advanced neurosurgical-aided positioning system, and most often applied in seizure-disorder surgery and other surgical environments requiring ultra-high accuracy. Of the two Remebottm systems in China, one is at BPIH.

The Remebottm integrated operation-plan system, navigation and robotic-aided positioning devices and the entire operating system has created a new milestone in stereotaxic brain surgery technique. In this area, deep EEG data combined with eliminating the limitations of traditional brain surgery, vastly and dramatically improves the accuracy, precision, control and (most importantly) the lowered complications and enhanced results of treatment.

Beijing Tiantan Puhua Hospital is China’s first hospital that utilizing “stereotactic minimally invasive brain surgery + stem cell implantation” to treat neurological diseases, including Parkinson’s disease, Seizure disorder, Autism etc. Over the past 10 years, we’ve accumulated valuable experience and achieved satisfying treatment results.

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