Diseases that can be treated:




Local Treatments


Using radiological equipment to guide us, an argon-helium knife can be used to penetrate through the tumor clusters with pinpoint accuracy. The cluster is frozen in under60 seconds to - 160℃, causing the tumor cells to degrade and suffer necrosis. After this, the temperature is rapidly increased to 40 ℃, which increases the degeneration of the cancer cells. By alternating extreme temperatures we can increase the amount of cells removed greatly.

Vascular Intervention

By inserting a catheter into target arteries and injecting embolic material, chemotherapy agents or traditional Chinese medicine we are able to cause a loss of blood to the cancer cells which leads to ischemia necrosis of tumor tissue. By doing this we are able to starve out and kill the cancer.


Radiofrequency Ablation

By using Ultrasound and CT technology, we are able to directly insert heat generating needles into the core of the cancer site. The area is then heated and once it exceeds60℃, a systematic breakdown of proteins in the cancer cells will occur degenerating to the point that they become harmless.

Intraoperative Radiation Therapy(IORT):

Using concentrated radiation exposure on the tumor cavity during surgery:
1. Lowers the risk of recurrence by killing a higher number of cancer cells.
2. Targeted exposure keeps healthy tissue safe, reducing complications.
3. The higher risk of recurrence in surrounding tissues is reduced through irradiation.


Holistic Treatments


Immunotherapy is able to identify tumor cells, releasing toxic particles that cause tumor cells cracking, so as to kill tumor cells, and prevent tumor recurrence.

Molecular Targeted Therapy

Selecting chemo drugs based on the genetic analysis of the tumor allows for a targeted attack which destroys cancerous cells without harming the surrounding healthy cells.

Natural Treatments

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Used to Increase the effect of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, TCM can reduce side effect of Oncotherapy, and strengthen the immune system.


For cancer patients who need rehabilitation after surgery, the rehabilitation center at BPIH can create a personalized.

Physical Therapy program for them, in order to get them back on their feet as quickly as possible.



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