Liver Cancer Treatment Options

Discover your options for treating Liver Cancer

  • Combination of most effective treatments
  • Little to no side-effects
  • Using natural treatments

Treatments for Cancer:

- Local Treatments
- Systematic Treatments
- Natural Treatments
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • High-dose Vitamin-C
- Consultation

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Liver Cancer

The liver is the powerhouse of the body, involved in regulating many different body functions, as well as regulating different aspects of metabolism within the body. In the past, the diagnosis of liver cancer whether that was primary or secondary, often signalled the end of the road for these patients. But in recent years, more advanced and effective treatments were developed and been successfully administered. The comprehensive cancer center at Puhua International Hospital provide more available specialist treatments for liver cancer patients, which can achieve more long-term survivorship and less side effects.​

Treatment Options​

After liver cancer is diagnosed and staged, your cancer care team at Puhua International Hospital will discuss your treatment options with you. While creating your treatment plan, there are important factors to consider include the stage (extent) of the cancer and the health of the rest of your liver. But you and your cancer care team will also want to take into account the possible side effects of treatment, your overall health, and the chances of curing the disease, or extending life, or relieving symptoms. Based on these factors, your treatment options may include:

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  • Surgery (Partial hepatectomy. Only 15% to 30% of liver cancer patients are candidates for surgery, and it is an option only if the tumor is small and contained within the liver).
  • Chemotherapy/Radiation therapy (If the tumor is large or had spread, chemotherapy or external beam radiation is may release some symptoms, but it causes a various side-effects and it cannot specifically target and treat the cancer).
  • Radiofrequency ablation-RFA (This procedure uses high-energy radio waves to burn the tumor locally, a needle-like probe is inserted into the tumor. And a high-frequency current is then passed through the tip of the probe, which heats the tumor and destroys the cancer cells. This is a common treatment method for small tumors. And have less side-effects than standard chemo/radiation).
  • Cryosurgery (This procedure destroys a tumor locally by freezing and heating process, it using a thin metal probe which is guided by CT scan. Cryosurgery is very effective treatment to kill the cancer cells with less side-effects and uncommon serious complications. It can be used to treat larger tumors than the other ablation techniques).
  • Immunotherapy (Immune cell exists naturally in the body which fights cancer. These cells are isolated from the patient, amplified at least 1,000-fold, and then re-infused back into the patient’s body to attack the cancer cells and boost the body to fight the cancer).
  • Targeted Therapy (New drugs developed to specifically attack cancer cells, leaving the normal healthy cells. This type of therapy have less side-effects than standard chemotherapy).
  • Natural treatments (TCM and High dose Vitamin-C are natural and useful treatments which help on fight cancer, these natural treatments can efficiently support other treatment methods and reduce side-effects).​

Other types of treatment may be recommended according to your medical and personal needs. In some cases, doctors may recommend combining more than one of these treatments. It is important to discuss all of your treatment options, including their goals and possible side effects. Your personal preference will be an important in deciding which treatment to have, your medical team an Puhua International Hospital will be pleased to answer all your questions and help you to evaluate your case, you can contact us or call us to speak to our specialists.​

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