Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

Discover your options for treating Prostate Cancer

  • Combination of most effective treatments
  • Lette to no side-effects
  • Using natural treatments

Treatments for Cancer:

- Local Treatments
- Systematic Treatments
- Natural Treatments
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • High-dose Vitamin-C
- Consultation

You are welcomed to discuss your treatment with our specialist, you can hasten this process by completing the Consultation Form in this link. Please provide us with recent medical reports and examinations, we can get a head start on evaluating patient's case by some of the best physicians specialized in cancer care.

Prostate Cancer

Men with prostate cancer have many treatment options. For patients with early stage prostate cancer, which is localised within the prostate itself, your doctor can describe your treatment choices and the expected results of each along with possible side effects. You and Puhua International cancer specialists will work together to explore these options and develop a treatment plan that meets your medical and personal needs.​


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The results of your tests will give you a good idea of how your cancer is behaving. A number of thing may determine the suitable treatment option for you, such as the stage of your cancer, your Gleason’s score, PSA level, and whether it is your first treatment for prostate cancer. If you have been diagnosed with localised prostate cancer, which have not spread out of the prostate gland, then maybe several treatments available for you. If you have locally advanced, or advanced prostate cancer, then maybe a fewer suitable treatments available for you.

Localised prostate cancer can behave in different ways, many localised prostate cancer are not aggressive, and grow so slowly that they don’t cause any problems during your life time. However, some cancers maybe aggressive, and spread to the other parts of the body. The results you have done may give some clue as to how your cancer will behave. Localize prostate cancer can be treated with numerous of local treatment methods, each treatment may have its advantages and disadvantages, you medical team at Puhua will work together with you to choose the most advanced and effective treatment for you.

Locally advanced prostate cancer is a cancer that has spread to the area just outside the prostate gland. If you have Locally advanced prostate cancer, then your treatment options will depends on how far the cancer has spread. Advanced prostate cancer is a cancer that has spread from the prostate to other parts of the body (also called metastatic prostate cancer), it may spread to any part of the body, but most commonly to the bones. Which can cause symptoms such as bone pain and problems passing urine.

Treatment Options​

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Your treatment options will depend on whether your cancer is contained within the prostate gland (localised), has spread just outside of the prostate (locally advanced) or had spread to other parts of the body (advanced). Your specialists team will explain all your treatment options, and help you to choose the right treatment for you. Puhua International Hospital provides a combination of local, systemic, and natural treatments that aim to treat cancer more effectively with the less side-effects. Your personal preference will be an important in deciding which treatment to have, your medical team an Puhua International Hospital will be pleased to answer all your questions and help you to evaluate your case, you can contact us or call us to speak to our specialists.

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