Neural Growth Factor therapy + Combined supportive treatment for MS patients

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Our treatment aim to target the myelin sheath by introducing neural growth factor that able to differentiate and repair the myelin sheath nerve cells. This process is called “remyelination”. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune condition that attacks and subsequently damages the ‘myelin sheath’ protecting nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. This damage causes messages to and from the brain to be slowed, distorted or stopped altogether, which leads to the symptoms of MS.

The administration of neural growth factor for multiple sclerosis patients via lumber puncture and IV injection will provide the ability to repair the myelin sheath nerve cells “remyelination”, neural growth factor also have the ability to repair the immune system “immunomodulation”, with combination of our unique TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) which have strong immune-enhancing effects, our treatment program work towards improving the quality of lives of patients through “remyelination” and “immunomodulation”, providing safe procedure and induces immediate immunomodulatory effects[1] for MS patients. Our procedures may help patients who don’t respond to typical drug treatment, want to reduce their reliance on medication or are looking to receive neural growth factor therapy before starting drug treatment.


Our treatments for MS patients are being studied for their efficacy in improving the condition and complications through the use of neural growth factor, you may view our statistical report (data was collected in Jan 2013-Click to see detailed data). 90% of patients had gained improvements including muscle strength, muscle tension, mobility, balance control, sensory/numbness, flexibility, clearer speech, swallowing function, vision and other aspects[2].neural growth factor may provide an alternative solution by migrating locally into damaged CNS areas where they have the potential to support local neurogenesis or myelogenesis through neurotrophic effects, stimulation of resident CNS neural growth factor, induction of in situ immunomodulation. With increased experience and adjustment to conditioning regimens and patient selection, improved outcomes can be anticipated. Our specialists can give you additional details regarding the patient's condition after receiving detailed medical information about the patient.

Treatment Program at Puhua Hospital

Our treatment program been administered for over a decade with the lead of Dr. Julia Zhou, we strongly believe our combination of neural growth factor, TCM, PT and other supportive treatments will help our patients and give them the most chance of recovery. The treatment may include all/some of the treatment programs in the table, we may provide you with more information about the treatment program after learning more about the patient’s case.

Puhua Hospital had been treating MS patients since 2004 using neural growth factor, which are not recognized as foreign cells because of their low immunogenicity, by mediate their immunomodulatory effects by interacting with cells from both the innate and adaptive immunity systems[3], thus MSCs inhibit or limit inflammatory responses and promote the mitigating and anti-inflammatory pathways.

Neural Growth Factor Injection

Puhua provide several  approaches to inject neural growth factor for spinal cord injury patients. Our highly experienced medical team have used the following injections approaches to treat MS patients:

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It is a procedure performed  in the lower back (in the lumbar region) to access the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of the brain and spinal cord and helps to deliver neural growth factor directly into the cerebral spinal fluid, this is the least invasive method for delivering neural growth factor directly into the central nervous system. The body constantly produces CSF and thus any withdrawn fluid is naturally replaced within a few hours.
The neural growth factor injected into the central nervous system can help substitute some of the lost neurons in the spinal, and these injectedneural growth factor can produce some factors which can stimulate the body's self stem cells to differentiate and proliferate, and then repair the damaged neurons. 
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Intravenous (IV) is the infusion of neural growth factor directly into the vein. The cells injected via IV approach will circulate around the whole body, improving the patient's general condition.
The treatment program also includes supportive treatments:
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The Rehabilitation Department has a professional rehabilitation hall equipped with an exercise therapy area, an occupational therapy area, a physical therapy treatment area and a speech therapy and rehabilitation treatment area for children. Click to read more about our Rehabilitation Department.
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TCM is a safe and effective supportive treatment option used in conjunction with other treatment modalities. Many Chinese herbs have strong immune-enhancing effects, and can enhance the effects of the injected neural growth factor and improve the patient’s overall condition. Traditional Chinese herbs can be given orally, by IV infusion. 

Treatment program includes:
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[4] Method and dose of injections may vary on each patient, we will provide you with specific information after reviewing the case.


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Director of Neurology Dept.

Dr. Zhou is the Director of the Neurology Department of Beijing Puhua International Hospital. Dr. Zhou has been to USA several times to give lectures in neurology. As a visiting scholar of University of Michigan and Harvard University, she participated in many research projects on neurology and neuropsychology. She has been a main editor of several national medical publications, such as Neurology and Neuroscience. Dr. Zhou has conducted in-depth studies on the treatment of intractable neurological diseases, particularly degenerative diseases. Dr. Zhou has participated in many clinical research projects on aphasia, dementia and neurosis and has published several groundbreaking papers. Dr. Zhou is renowned as an aphasia specialist in China.

Her areas of specialization include: Parkinson's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), multiple sclerosis (MS), multiple system atrophy (MSA), myasthenia gravis (MG), malnutrition, inherited metabolic diseases (IMDs), such as Batten disease.

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