Yousuf Mohamed Musallam Ismail

Yousuf Mohamed Musallam Ismail


Name: Yousuf Ismail
Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy
D.O.B: 01 January 2011
Gender: Male
Country: Oman

Treatment: Injections of neural stem cells, self stem cell activation and proliferation therapy, and rehabilitation therapy


Patient Yousuf Mohamed Musallam Ismail, was a 3-year-old boy from Oman when he was admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital for stem cell treatment for Cerebral Palsy (CP). He had suffered from cerebral palsy due to prenatal anoxia. Yousuf was born at full term with a poor Apgar score at 1 and 5 minutes. He had “postnatal retardation in speech and motor ability, and recurrent episodes of convulsion for 3 years.”

Although Patient Yousuf received many treatments, including rehabilitation, neurology treatments, and orthopedic treatment, his condition had shown no obvious improvements.

Medical condition before Stem Cell Treatment (SCT) for Cerebral Palsy

Before stem cell treatment for Cerebral Palsy, Yousuf’s general condition was poor. He suffered from frequent seizures. His general muscle tone was abnormally high, and he suffered from severe spasticity in all four limbs. He had difficulty in raising his head and he was unable to control his movements. Further, his movements were quite limited. He could move his arms only slightly without assistance. There were frequent involuntary movements in his limbs. He couldn’t sit, stand or walk.

Fortunately, there was no obvious joints deformity.

Although he was three years old, Patient Yousuf was unable to understand daily conversation or talk. His ability to swallow was poor. He was only able to eat pasty food without too much difficulty, and was very thin due to inadequate diet.

Stem Cell Treatment (SCT) for Cerebal Palsy

Injections of neural stem cells, self stem cell activation and proliferation therapy, and rehabilitation therapy

Medical condition after Stem Cell Treatment (SCT) for Cerebral Palsy

After five weeks of stem cell treatment for cerebral palsy, Patient Yousuf showed significant improvement. Yousuf’s appetite was much better than before, as was his sleep. He was one kilo heavier than at admission. His body was stronger and he has more strength. With improved strength, it was now easier for Patient Yousuf to control the movements of his neck and trunk. He could keep his head up in a more straight position and sit by himself for one minute without assistance. He could also control his head around with greater flexibly while he doing rehabilitation therapy.

There was no seizure activity after stem cell treatment. Occasionally, transient spasticity of upper limbs is noted. The muscle tone had normalized, and he was able to control his limbs better. He could raise his right arm above his head and put his right thumb into his mouth with intention. The spasticity of his whole body has improved (i.e., had diminished). He began to be able to better cooperate with the therapist to do physical training.  Patient Yousuf became more vigorous and more vocal. He was soon able to make some sounds, such as “ah, oh.” He developed more appropriate motor responses to environmental stimuli.

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