SVF treatment for Hip Osteoarthritis

SVF treatment for Hip Osteoarthritis


Name: Carsten Bleis
Diagnosis: Osteoarthritis
D.O.B: 11 October 1947
Gender: Male
Country: Germany

Treatment: SVF + Traditional Chinese Medicine + Rehabilitation

Following is the case reports for Mr Carsten Bleis.

Mr Carsten Bleis, came from Germany, living in Beijing. Mr Carsten is a president for a big company.  His hip pain had badly affected his life and work. It was so difficult and pianful for him to sit up from a chair, and he suffered a lot every time he goes to toilet. He finally decided to take 6 months leave and went back to Germany to find a good doctor to treat his hips. Later on he heard from his friends that there is good treatment in Puhua. He wanted to see what kind of treatment it is. Therefore, he made appointment and saw the doctor. This treatment gave him new hope, and he soon decided to do the treatment. He never thought this treatment could be so effective, and he no longer suffer any pain now. This case was reported by famous TV station.

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