Biotherapy For Multiple System Atrophy

Biotherapy For Multiple System Atrophy


Name: Albert Siaotong
Diagnosis: Multiple System Atrophy (MSA)
D.O.B: 01 January 1950
Gender: Male
Country: United States of America

Treatment: biotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine ,rehabilitation

Albert noted progressive gait difficulty and slurred speech approximately two years before coming for treatment in Beijing Puhua International Hospital. In September 2010, Albert was diagnosed as suffering from Multiple System Atrophy(MSA).After admission, several medical protocols were applied including: biotherapy, treatment to improve cerebral blood circulation and nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and rehabilitation therapy.

Very soon after beginning treatment for Multiple System Atrophy(MSA), Albert's coughing and choking while trying to drink were relieved, as was his muscle stiffness and fatigue. His speech became clearer and faster, which made his communication much easier.Albert's urination control improved, and he began to urinate every two or three hours.Albert's gait became more stable. Albert's coordination has significantly improved: he was soonable to throw and catch a ping-pong ball and a sandbag (while in therapy), with more accuracy than before the treatment for Multiple System Atrophy, and can play football with a physiotherapist using both his feet catching and kicking the ball.Albert's writing became better than before and even his blood pressure became easier to control.

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