Stem Cell Treatment for SCI

Stem Cell Treatment for SCI


Name: Christopher Paul
Diagnosis: Spinal Cord Injury
D.O.B: 14 January 1993
Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom

Treatment: Intra-spinal surgical exploration, Stem Cell Transplantation

Medical History

Christopher Paul is a 21 year-old man admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital due to movement disorder of right leg after an injury from 3 years prior to admission. 

Medical Condition before Stem Cell Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury

Since the patient’s injury, pain sensation during sensation examination was found to be absent below right groin under 1cm and left groin under 3cm. Muscular tension of four limbs was not elevated. Muscle strength of upper limbs was normal (5/5). Muscle strength of was abnormal in the right leg (0/5). Ankle clonus test was negative, but pathological signs were positive in the right leg. An incisional scar was noted in the middle of the lower back.

Stem Cell Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury for 19 days

After completing his admission, Christopher was underwent spinal cord injury exploration via a posterior midline approach. Fluid infusion to inhibit dehydration, hemostasis, infection prophylaxis and cerebral nutrients were administered. In concert with the neurosurgery, the patient was given neural stem cells & activation via lumbar puncture. 

Physical condition after Stem Cell Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury

After 19 days of in-patient treatment for Spinal Cord Injury, surgery and rehab training, Christopher felt much improved, with more strength in mid-body and upper limbs. The stitches were removed, with Class-A healing. The patient was extremely gratified with this early response to his initial round of therapy.

                 Christopher is very satisfied with the results                                 Christopher felt stronger and stronger during rehab training  
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