How Stem Cells Prevent Aging?

The twenty first century is witnessing a revolution in biotechnology & stem cell medicine: Stem Cell Treatments (SCT). Thousands of patients around the world have already benefited from this cellular high biotechnology using stem cells, delivered safely by skilled physicians and their medical teams. Diseases once considered incurable, or very obstinate, are responding well to Stem Cell Therapy (SCT), which are restoring a quality of life to patients who previously might have lost hope forever.

Beijing is part of the hub of what is now commonly called ‘medical tourism’. Beijing, China has one of the finest biotechnology hospitals (Beijing Puhua International Hospital, or BPIH), which has been offering unsurpassed care in state-of-the-art facilities to international patients since the mid-1990’s, when this biotechnology and Stem Cell Therapy was still in its world-wide infancy.

What are the Stem Cells we use?

The Stem Cells are specialized cells that are able to give rise to more specialized cells (differentiate into a specific cell types), and are one of the body's fundamental tools and mechanisms for self-repair. With the occurrence of disease, injury, or even aging, these cells respond to specific signals and facilitate healing by differentiating into specialized cells required for the body's natural self-repair. The cells exist in sufficient numbers and receive the correct signals when disease or injury occurs, all is well. When the cell lines become depleted, the end result will likely be an inadequate or compromised healing response.

This process of cellular depletion correlates with the aging process that all people go through in time. As the stem cell numbers decrease, the body’s vitality and reserve capacity also diminishes. This result is inevitably in the aging of the body. Stem Cell Therapy can slow this process, and even rejuvenate age and damaged tissues.

The classical definition of a ‘cell’ requires that it possess two properties:

•    Self-renewal: the ability to go through numerous cycles of cell division while maintaining the undifferentiated state.
•    Potency: the capacity to differentiate into specialized cell types. While there are various terms for this kind of potency, the key point here is that together with ‘self-renewal’, the stem-cell line in part maintain it self as an undifferentiated reserve pool, while in part differentiating to meet the body’s specific needs.

Cells are living biological cells found in everyone. These cells divide through normal mitosis (division) and can both: 1) Differentiate into diverse, specialized cell types and also 2) Self-renew to produce more cells. There are two broad types of stem cells: embryonic cells that are isolated from the inner cell mass of embryonic blastocysts, and adult cells that are found in various adult tissues. In adult organisms, cells and progenitor cells act as a key repair system for the body, replenishing the tissues and organs.

Stem Cell Therapy should not be thought of as a ‘cure’ for aging, but rather as a regenerative therapy, since each individual varies in symptom changes and levels of repair/rejuvenation. Years of success, and a record of safety in treating various diseases and medical conditions have paved the way for the use of SCT in Anti-aging/rejuvenation. One description of aging is as the depletion of the levels of the body’s reserve cell lines.

1. The Health Response

Aging results in part from the progressive depletion of cells, so the introduction of new cells offers the potential of slowing down, or reversing this degenerative process.

"Cell therapies are among the world's greatest collective scientific breakthrough, possessing the clear potential to revolutionize the practice of medicine and improve the quality and length of life." -Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients (December 2005)

Cells possess a unique anti-aging effect, and exert it by improving immune function and regenerating and repairing tissues and organs damaged by time and stressors (such as free radicals generated in normal metabolism, and the various toxins people are exposed to in their day-to-day living).

The body uses its own cells to make itself stronger, healthier and more resistant to disease. As people age, the cells repair damaged tissues and organs, as well as to replace those cells lost over time.

At all stages of life, the body fights damage by using its reserve banks of cells. If a person is exposed to smoke, stem cells repair damage in the lungs. When a person is sunburned, the stem cells repair the skin. As late as the early 2000's, researchers did not know that stem cell replenishment is true for most organs, but today it is known that every organ and tissue recruits stem cells from the bone marrow for rejuvenation and repair.

2. The Beauty Response

The most evident beauty response in treated patients is the appearance of the facial skin a few weeks after therapy. Patients generally notice a smoothness and improvement in color along with a look of youthfulness.

Grey hair has been noted to regain its original color and bald spots have filled in. The rest of the skin will gradually show an improvement in color, and also show reduction in age-related pigmentation marks, with less bruising and an increase in elasticity and tone.

People feel and look rejuvenated because they are so, through replenishment of their cellular reserves.

3. Asia: the 21st Century Hub for Stem Cell Treatment (SCT)

The twenty-first century is witnessing a revolution in cellular medicine. Thousands of patients around the world have already benefitted from Stem Cell Treatment (SCT), delivered safely by skilled physicians. Once the diseases considered incurable, or terribly obstinate to treatment, it responds well to stem cell therapies: therapies which are restoring a quality of life to patients that had been previously lost forever.

Asia is at the hub of what is now commonly called ‘medical tourism’. China has some of the finest hospitals and clinics, offering unsurpassed care in state-of-the-art facilities, including Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH) in Beijing, which has been at the fore-front of these technologies since the 1990’s.

4. The Medical Foundation for SCT Anti-aging:

Safe and effective Stem Cell Treatment (SCT) is available today. Puhua International Hospital (BPIH) has many years of experience in successfully treating diseases and conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, Liver cirrhosis, ALS, Spinal Cord Injury, and Stroke with the utilization of Stem Cell Therapy (SCT). Also, the fact that SCT has the capability of rejuvenating aged (as well as otherwise damaged or diseased) tissues means that this advanced Stem Cell Therapy is now becoming the most powerful tool in the field of Anti-Aging/Regenerative/Reparative Medicine.

5. SCT Anti-aging/Rejuvenation, and Medical Tourism in Beijing, The Options:

The basic SCT Rejuvenation Program is very simple, and can be done within 5 days in Beijing. On the day after arrival, the BPIH personal Service Specialist will pick up the patient at their hotel, take them for the first of two stem cell treatments, and then return them to their hotel later that same day. Two days later (on the 4th day after the client’s arrival) the second course of cell implantation is given. Accommodations in either a 4-Stars or a 5-Stars hotel of choice are included in the basic 5-days package price.

For clients who wish to have a more full and rewarding experience over their health vacation in Beijing, and who may also wish to extend their visit, it is also very simple, the ‘no problem’ alternative. The BPIH works with a Chinese Health & Culture Center as well as with an expert, high-level travel & tour group. From room-service body and foot massage, classes in Chinese culture, art and longevity/healing, to the best personal choices of cuisine and entertainment, the keyword is always ‘no problem’. The BPIH team will work with their clients to design a personally satisfying experience of inner and outer renewal during a healthy sojourn in Beijing, so that clients return home refreshed and rejuvenated.

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