Hand Surgery and Plastic Surgery Center

Who We Are:

The Hand and Plastic Surgery Center offers a full spectrum of advanced restorative and cosmetic enhancements for hands, body, face and skin. These services are designed to relieve pain of mind and body and to enhance self-confidence and well-being. At Beijing Puhua International Hospital, the patient is always in the most capable hands of experienced professionals.

Hand and Plastic Surgeon Dr. Yanni Li performs hand and plastic surgery using surgical telescopes. Assisted with the most modern technology, these procedures are carried out at microscopic level, giving high-precision results and minimal bleeding and tissue damage. This results in less pain and swelling, especially after plastic surgery, and beautiful cosmetic and functional outcomes result. 

In cases resulting from trauma, patients will be helped to achieve maximum functional and cosmetic recovery.



Yanni Li,MD
Hand Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Microvascular Surgery

Dr. Li is a Graduate of Peking University. She worked in the United States for 17 years (Mayo Clinic, Kleiner Hand Surgery Center and St Mindray Medical Center. The “Yanni knot” (now one of the most common laparoscopic knot methods), was invented by, and named after, Dr. Li.

With over 40 years of medical experience, Dr. Li has earned unique understanding and treatment for cosmetic and trauma procedures, including those specified below. 

Languages: English, Chinese

Services Available Include:

Hand Surgery                                             Plastic Surgery 

Bone and joint injury repair                      Breast implants/Augmentation/Reduction           
Nerve injury repair                                   Otoplasty (Ear) 
Skin and soft tissue injury and tumor       Blepharoplasty (Eyelid) 
Bone tumor                                              Face/Forehead Lift                  
Tendon repair                                          Liposuction/ Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)   
Congenital deformities                             Rhinoplasty (Nose Plastic Surgery)     

Selected Case Studies: 

Finger Tip Injury

Thumb Avulsion Injury

Thumb Amputation


Plastic Therapy   

Breast Implantation\Augmentation


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