Nerve Repair Therapy Proven To Be Effective For Ataxia

Since February 2009, our hospital has provided nerve repair therapy for 38 international ataxia patients. Among the 150 patients, only one patient did not get obvious improvements. All the other 37 got significant improvements, including improved mobility, better balance control, more flexibility, clearer speech and so on. Both the patients and their families are very satisfied with the treatment.


1-Ataxia Kung-Fu Boy Walks Again!

Ataxia patient after treatment

Omar, a huge fan of Jackie Chan, played Kong Fu for almost 10 years. Unluckily he was unable to stand up because his suffered from heredity ataxia, which deprived him of balance and mobility. After Nerve Repair Treatment and special rehabilitation training, the big boy now is regaining his balance! He stands up and slowly walks again! Our hospital gave him not only mobility, but also the hope and dignity of life!

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2-He feels like a normal person after nerve repair treatment

Ataxia patient after treatment

He climbed the Great Wall and had a long walk at Tian An Men Square, he said he felt like a normal person and never felt tired. Kreem and his parents are very satisfied with the nerve repair therapy. We are looking forward to seeing Kreem’s further improvements.

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3-After nerve repair therapy, he can climb stairs without holding the handrail

Ataxia patients

Now, he can climb stairs without holding the handrail. His parents told the doctors that they find Mouayad’s fingers are much more flexible than before, for example, he manages to use his fingers to hook cups.

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4-He can speak with more fluency after nerve repair treatment

Ataxia patient's condition had improved

Now he can speak with more fluency. Therefore, it is much easier for him to communicate with people.  With better balance control, he can walk independently. During his hospitalization, step by step, he finished balance training from level 2 to level 5 (the highest level).

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