Parkinson' s disease

The most important pathological change of Parkinson's disease is degeneration and death of cholinergic neuron in dopamine (DA), thus caused significant decrease in corpus striatum DA and lead to the disease. Parkinson's disease has insidious onset and slow progress. Usually, initial symptom is one side body tremors or activity clumsy, and involve to contralateral limb. Clinical symptoms are rest tremor, bradykinesia, myotonia, gait and posture disorder. Recent years, people are become to notice that depression, non-motor symptoms such as constipation and sleep disorder are also common chief complaint in patients with Parkinson's disease. These symptoms even have more impact on patients’ life quality than motor symptoms.

Implant adult hRPE cells to the brain directly under stereotactic technique, combined with stem cell injection via lumber puncture.

hRPE (Human Retinal Pigment Epithelial) Stem Cells, are adult multipotent stem cells that are found in the retina of the human eye. The original function of these special cells is producing Dopamine that participates in the pigmentation process inside the retina. 

Due to their function, hRPE cells are a new and most promising solution for Parkinson's Patients who suffers from degeneration of their Dopamine-producing cells. hRPE cells can replace degenerated dopamine-producing neurons in the nigrostriatal pathway and provide a source of increased dopamine production to promote functional recovery in Parkinson's patients.

The cells are being injected within a single operation into 4 targets in the Putamen area in the brain, using MRI 3D image guided stereotactic technique. 

This treatment is suitable for patients with clear lesion and without brain atrophy. For patients not suitable for this treatment, we will make an alternative stem cell treatment plan, which can be also very effective.

While the treatment can not completely remove all symptoms of the disease, it can greatly reduce the tremors, decrease muscle tension and rigidity, improve movement continuity, movement initiation and balance, increase muscle strength, improve slurred speech, reduce the freeze ups and strengthen the overall body.

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