Dr. Liu Xuemei (Sophia)

Dr. Xuemei (Sophia) Liu graduated from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and was an outstanding student of highly respected TCM Specialist Yize Zhong. She has more than 30 years TCM clinical practice experience up to now. She holds NCCAOM acupuncture and herbology deplomas in US, is licensed acupuncturist in New York and California. She has been working on both teaching and clinical practice of TCM for her entire professional life. Dr. Liu was professor and clinical superviser in Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and Universty of East-West Medicine. Her clinical proficiency in both Acupuncture and Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, along with her extensive clinical experience, has resulted in significant contributions to the overseas development of TCM.

Dr. Liu’s areas of specialization include: post-neurosurgery problems, neurological diseases, cancers, infertility, chronic pains, digestive system diseases, mood disorders, diabetes, breast diseases, allergy, and gynecological diseases.

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