Chemo Knife for Tumors

Dreams Become Reality:Natural Cancer Therapy

"Chemical Ablation Therapy", also known as the"Chemical Knife," was developed for cancer treatment by Professor Weijian Feng. This therapeutic modality causes 50% of the cancer’s tumor cells to die outright within six hours, with the remaining malignant cells perishing within 2 ensuing two weeks. Chemical ablation therapy has become a standard treatment for liver cancer, having been approved by the American cancer authority, the NCCN. This means that chemical ablation therapy has moved to the forefront of cancer treatment worldwide.

The medical efficacy of the"Chemical Knife" has been confirmed in treating cancers of: liver, lung, kidney, and other primary tumors, as well as metastases of lung, lymph nodes, and adrenal glands. Those tumors can be completely ablated. Patients’ survival times have been greatly extended. For liver and lung cancers less than 3 cm in diameter, tumors can be completely abalted after 1-2 treatments.

Chemical Ablation Therapy (CAT): inspired by ‘Sashimi’

Since raw fish can also be digested by human body, Dr. Feng went on to find that it was realtively easy to also coagulate cancer cells in this way. Thus, by injecting directly into the tumor, it can be destroyed without surgery, and the remnants later resorbed over time. Since the therapeutic tumor boundary can be well-defined by a sort of capsule, the cancer cells tend to be killed inside this tumor “pseudo-capsule,” with the surround relatively undamaged. Since the result is similar to surgical excision, Professor Feng christened this new treatment as the"Chemical Knife ".

Obvious Advantages of this NaturalTherapy

The key to three-dimensional cancer therapy is accurate location. After a long period of practice, professor Feng developed a” tumor targeting technology,” making the whole treatment accurate and easy to control.

Radio-frequency Ablation Therapy (RAT)

Radio-frequency ablation with CT guidance for cancer has the following advantages:

1) CT-targeting technology, minimally invasive tumor puncture, with high accuracy and little collateral damage.
2) multi-electrode radiofrequency ablation needle, with ablation based upon the shape of tumor, thus increasing the treatment effect.
3) automatic temperature control of multiple ablations through computer control. Accordingly, the size of the tumor extends treatment time, so that large and small tumors can be treated selectively.
4) additional injection techniques can increase the range of treatment. Injected chemo therapeutic agents can enhance the treatment effect of regional lymphatic chemotherapy. Injection of immune-activation agents can also augment therapeutic effect.


Patient’s Story

During the Spring Festival in 2003, Mr. Xiang Dong Gao, from Gansu Province, was diagnosed with liver cancer.

In May 2003, his liver tumor had grown to 8 cm diameter, and there was no effect after he had embolism chemotherapy twice. His doctor gave up treatment for him. Since his side-effects were very severe, including hair loss, pain, and fever and so on meant that termination of the treatment was a relief for him.

In July, the patient met Professor Feng, and went on to receive his 30-minute chemical ablation in August.

The follow-up CT exam showed that tumor had been ablated by more than 50%.

A week later, Mr. Gao received the second treatment. After 6 hours, CT showed more than 90% of the residual tumor had been destroyed. After half a month, Professor Feng performed a stereotactic injection for the residual 10% of tumor tissue, which CT imaging showed to be completely destroyed within 6 hours of injection. Since then,this patient’s illness has been under great control following his discharge from the hospital.

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