EIH Treatment for Cancers

The essential pursuit of patients in the treatment of any disease, especially cancer, is to improve their life quality and maximize their life span. The existing methods of tumor therapy, such as painful surgery and reduplicated chemotherapy, which were used to remove or reduce tumor, have brought extremely pain to the patients, thus seriously sacrificed patients’ life quality.

BPIH oncology team has been devoting themselves to the scientific research and clinical application of “Green Tumor Therapy”. They EIH comprehensive tumor therapy is our latest achievements, with the goal to improve the patients’ life quality and maximum the patients’ life span during the process of tumor therapy. Most patients have been satisfied with their therapy results.


What is EIH?


Embolism with Chinese herbal Medicine + Immunotherapy + Hyperthermia


Embolism with Chinese herbal Medicine:

Chinese herbal medicine is delivered to the tumor blood feeding artery, with the guiding of the most advanced robotic DSA machine. On one hand, these traditional Chinese medicines can cut tumor blood supply by blocking tumor blood feeding artery. On the other hand, the drugs take effects themselves, inducing apoptosis of tumor cells. The dead cells together with the drugs can be absorbed by the body, with completely non-toxic side effects.

CIK Immunotherapy:

CIK cells, namely, cytokine induced killer cells, can accurately detect and kill tumor cells without damaging healthy tissues. CIK cells can also activate patient’s own immune system to fight against tumor, as well as reduce side effects caused by chemotherapy or radiotherapy. CIK cells account for only 1 ~ 5% in normal human peripheral blood. Peripheral blood of patients is collected and CIK cells are cultivated in vitro through the use of biological technology. After CIK cells amplified for 1000+ times, they are injected back into the patient body to treat cancer. 


Experiments show that the cooling capacity of tumor cells is much lower than that of normal cells.  When the temperature reaches 42.5 ℃ and lasted for more than 30 minutes, the tumor cells will rapidly heat up and cause injury, degeneration and necrosis. However, the healthy cells can avoid damage through good cooling mechanism. Thermotron-RF8 is Japan's latest developed hyperthermia machine, which can accurately position the tumor and perform hyperthermia. While it reduces tumor volume and relieve pain, it can prevent the recurrence of cancer and enhance the effects of other therapies.

Multi-disciplinary Associated Expert team: 

Dr. Xue Zhongqi---Director of Oncology, Chief Oncology Surgeon

Dr. Xue brings to Beijing Puhua International Hospital the results of more than thirty (30) strong years of clinical experience as one of the leading cancer surgeons in China. He is leading expert and authority in the diagnosis and treatment of various kinds of cancer. He is renowned for his work in breast cancer, especially in the areas of mastectomy and breast reconstruction.

Dr. Xue has conducted in-depth research and clinical study in the areas of: colorectal cancer, sarcoma, liver cancer and cancer of the kidney, and has published more than twenty (20) major academic papers and articles (both basic research and clinical) on these clinical areas. Many of these publications have earned a variety of meritorious awards.

Dr. Zhao Yuliang—Associate Director of Oncology, Chief Oncologist

Dr. Zhao has an exceptional range of experience, training and knowledge regarding the clinical management of oncology patients and the clinical management and treatment of complicated cancer cases. 
Dr. Zhao is extremely competent in minimizing potential adverse side-effects to the patient from chemotherapy. Endeavoring always to advance the best interests and comfort of chemotherapy patients, while at the same time striving to improve their quality of life, Dr. Zhao has become a leading advocate of developing a comprehensive and individual patient-focused treatment plan for each patient's cancer. 

Dr. Zhao works in the integrated oncology program at Beijing Puhua International Hospital, where he works in concert with surgical oncology, traditional Chinese medicine, and cellular immune-therapy to optimize each patient's clinical outcome.

Dr. Weijian Feng- Director of Minimally Invasive Therapy (MIT) Center

Minimally Invasive Therapy (MIT) expert, Chief Physician, who has engaged in clinical tumor and tumor research for 25 years, has edited and compiled 12 monographs and over 90 research papers. As for the tumor therapy, he promotes modern green, minimal invasive and targeted therapy concept. He is good at minimal invasive targeted therapy in situ inactivation for lung and liver cancer. He has invented percutaneous injection of hydrochloric acid for liver cancer. He has carried out the most cases of radiofrequency conformal in situ inactivation under CT scanning. As for the regional chemotherapy after tumor volume reduction for the Middle and Late stage cancer, the curative effects are high while side effects are low.

Dr. WeiRan Tang -- Director of the Tumor Immunotherapy Center

Member, Jury of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)

Dr. Wang graduated from Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine, and later earned his PhD degree in Hokkaido University. He has published many academic articles in the area of immunotherapy.
Dr. Tang worked as a Chief Researcher at Genox Pharmaceutical Research Institute and the National Center for Child Health and Development, while in Japan (1999-2005). Afterwards (2005-2011), he was a Deputy Professor in the Institute of Medicinal Biotechnology (IMB) of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. His work has been focused on: the study of auto-immunological diseases; the identification of molecular targets; establishing high throughput drug screening models, and discovering optimal applications and prospects for bioactive drugs and agents. This work won Dr. Tang Award of the National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2008.

Areas of Specialization: Immunotherapy in the treatment of various tumors, screening and cloning of tumor genes, hyperthermia specialist

Xuemei Liu—Director of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Graduated from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Xuemei Liu is a student of several highly respected TCM Specialists. She has rich experiences in Sichuan hospitals of TCM for 12 years. During her studies in the United States of America, she was awarded the American National Acupuncture and TCM Certificate, and License of Acupuncture and TCM in California and New York.  She has been working on both scientific research and clinical practice of TCM for a long period of time. Her clinical proficiency in both Acupuncture and Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, along with her extensive clinical experience has resulted in significant contributions to the overseas development of TCM.

Areas of specialization: TCM treatment for post-surgery, cancer, neurological diseases, digestive system diseases, chronic pain, breast diseases, gynecological diseases.

Cancers can be treated by EIH:

Breast Cancer
Cervical Cancer
Colon Cancer
Gastric Cancer
Intestinal Cancer
Liver Cancer
Lung Cancer
Ovarian Cancer
Pancreatic Cancer
Other Cancers

Cases Presentation:

1.A 64 year’s old female patient with Lung cancer and glandular cancer, 4th period.

2.Rectal cancer. Tumor invaded the bladder and it was not suitable for surgery. Radiotherapy and concurrent chemotherapy was made to treat the tumor, together with Themotron-RF8 hyperthermia, once a week. Radical surgery was made after 5 weeks.

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